Together we give hope

     Vladut Pascaru, a 6-year-old boy, was diagnosed in April 2019 with leukemia, a severe illness that affected his childhood. It has gone well with the main stages of treatment, but he needs financial support for the period treatment with platelets. He is admitted to Koc Universitesi Hastanesi, a clinic in Istanbul, along with his mother, Cristina. The help provided could cover basic therapy, medication, food, and accommodation costs. Vladut is a real fighter. A child who at this innocent age proves courage, sensitivity and hope.

      Hello, This week I received very good news from the doctors at KOC Hospital. According to the results of the pathological tests, the marrow is completely cured and there are no more cancer cells in the marrow. The treatment continues with two more powerful chemo sessions that will take place over the next 2 months. After that, depending on the following medical tests we will know if we can be discharged from the hospital and we would have periods of hospitalization of just a few days a month for chemotherapy for 1 year. I attached some pictures of Vlad, & nbsp; we are from KOC Hospital.
      Once again we thank you for your help!
Thank you,
Fam. Pascaru
June 2019