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        The Today Autokarma Association is a nonprofit entity trying to bring a ray of sunlight to our peers whose life has not been so good. That is why our founding members do not receive any benefit from the volunteer action that takes place within it.


        We come to the homes of people affected by the indifference of those who should care.


        We are trying to be where financial problems hinder the natural course of things.


        Children are the generation that will represent us in the future. We can invest in their health, education and counseling. That is why most of our projects are directed at them.


        A gesture of benevolence and sympathy from each of us, even a small one, may mean a great deal for someone born or stepped into what some of us call “fate”.


        We have found ourselves a few times saying “poor him, good thing that I was not in his place.” Sympathy and empathy go hand in hand with the human being. We were born human beings, let us be human.

A better life for a better future !